Diskussion und Ausstellungseröffnung “Riga – New Urban Qualities”


pan m architekten freuen sich über die Einladung zur Diskussion und Ausstellung “Riga – New Urban Qualities” am 13. 5. 2017 im Kulturzentrum Kanepes in Riga:

Urban design strategies for Grizinkalns, Kengarags and Plavnieki
Discussion and exhibition of posters

Riga is an important cultural and economic center for the Baltic area, nevertheless, Riga is a shrinking city: since 1991, the city has lost approximately 200,000 residents. Because of extensive privatisation in the real estate sector, old industrial areas and workers’ accommodations were abandoned and today, wastelands and derelict buildings dominate the cityscape even in central areas.
One general development aim is to increase the appeal of the city and to create new contemporary jobs in order to stop the exodus and to promote growth. On an urbanistic and planning level, we think the future of Riga lies in the city’s potential embodied by urban resources and urban spaces creating possibilities for tomorrow.
The Urban Design Studio “RIGA – New Urban Qualities” elaborated sustainable concepts and strategies for the future of Riga in selected urban areas. While taking into account ongoing social trends, indicated urban resources may become future catalysts for regenerative cycles and the development of urban spaces, creating possibilities for a sustainable city.
During our research and design workshop in Riga with local experts, we explored the urban space for its peculiarities and focused on existing urban resources. Based on visions for the future of certain areas, we analysed and tested potentials lying in the design of new urban resources. Finally, the urban design concepts and strategies were put to the test by means of different scenarios.

Nicolas Kretschmann

Roman Leonhartsberger

Kulturzentrum Kanepes, Rīga, Skolas iela 15

Samstag, 13. 5. 2017, 19:00 Uhr

Link zur Veranstaltung: http://www.kanepes.lv/en/programmas/diskusija-izstade-riga-new-urban-qualities/