AION – athens intermodal orbital networks

Verfahren: Städtebaulicher Ideenwettbewerb, 2019
Schwerpunkt Verkehr und Quartiersentwicklung
Ausloberin: Griechisches Ministerium für Infrastruktur und Transport
In Zusammenarbeit mit Anastasios Roidis

Against the backdrop of a global competition of metropolises and climate change, finding a city’s specific approach to sustainable metropolitan development is paramount. Economic, politic and social challenges in Europe urge for rapid adaptation to changing needs in order to remain competitive and attract well-trained individuals and secure quality of life.

Infrastructural and social developments happen at different levels. While infrastructure, public transport and the quality of urban space are internationally visible and contribute greatly to a city’s attractiveness, the challenges of intermodal split and combination of sustainable individual,  neighborhood-level and high-speed transport ask for spacially and urbanistically smart solutions to interchanges and moblity hubs, both in terms of location and integration with urban space.